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The COVID-19 pandemic and mandates that were put in place to protect the public have changed the way things are done. Face masks, social distancing, and hand sanitizer are now a part of daily life. With the threat of infection still lingering, protective measures are still required or suggested in many places. While it may seem like it is dangerous to navigate around during this pandemic, when proper precautions are taken, it is actually quite safe.

Need a ride?
Whether you are here for work or for play, Rachel’s Big City Transportation will get you where you need to go in style. Offering service between Logan Airport and Providence and Logan Airport and Newport plus many more, Rachel’s transportation service is reliable, convenient and fast. With Rachel and her team, the ride is all about high-quality comfort and customer service.

Experience It's 5 o'clock rush hour in Boston. Actually, the fun starts around 2:00 PM, sometimes earlier. I'm making my way over to the passing lane so I can hop off the "mini HOV" ramp to Logan Airport. I drive a black Cadillac Escalade ESV, a very comfortable ride. As a professional driver, I know the advantages of taking the "mini HOV" lane, instead of Exit 20. I can spare my passengers the aggravation of sitting in an additional 10 to 20 minutes of traffic in the tunnel.
Also, I use the best GPS apps available and I make sure they are updated on a weekly basis. When a faster route presents itself, I am ready to accept. My goal is to give my passengers the best possible experience traveling to and from the airport.