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Avoid These Common Pitfalls and Ensure a Smooth Airport Transfer Experience!
Planning a trip to Boston and looking for a reliable and convenient airport transfer? Hiring a sedan service from Logan Airport can be a great option––as long as you make it one.
Sure, a private airport transfer typically ensures a smooth and comfortable ride and saves you from the hassles of navigating traffic and finding parking…
But you can’t just expect to have it your way––this isn’t Burger King, after all.
So, buckle up, grab a pen and paper, and get ready for a closer look at the top seven things not to do when booking an airport transfer. Trust me, you’ll be thankful you read these before embarrassing yourself…  
1. Arriving on an international flight
Congratulations! You've just landed on an international flight at Logan Airport. You're a little tired, possibly a little jet-lagged, and aching to settle into a comfortable ride to your destination, right? You’re probably also feeling reaaaaaally excited to step out and find your luxury car service waiting for you.
News flash, pal: that ain’t gonna happen. At least not how you’re thinking it will.
Let’s be honest: your airport driver isn’t getting paid to sit and wait for you while you spend 30 minutes to an hour clearing customs. This isn't Succession, and you’re not Logan Roy––or cousin Greg, for that matter.
So, try to be swift and make your way to the pickup area promptly. Once you’re all clear and ready to be picked up, notify your driver and the car service pull up to your location.
2. Terminal perplexity
Outside of the excitement of a trip––or the sweet, comforting idea of returning home––airports are, basically, one of the circles of hell. People are pushing, babies are crying, TSA agents are yelling… chaos reigns.
Boston’s Logan Airport is no different. With four large terminals, hotels, and an on-site gas station, it takes a car at least 10-12 minutes to reach a terminal from the limo lot.
So, if you’re tapping your foot and wondering, “What in Mark Wahlberg's name is taking so long?!”, just remember: it’s not that the driver forgot their jet plane at home today––it’s just that you just need to practice a little patience.
It's a bit of a journey, but they'll get you where you need to go safely, comfortably, and in style.
3. The mystery pickup time
Making a reservation? Great, but I’m going to need a lot more than a cryptic email with the words “I need a car for May 15th.”
What time? Which terminal? Where are you flying in from? Hey… what’s your name?!
Without a set pickup time––or some basic courtesies and information––we cannot, and I can’t stress this enough, reserve a vehicle for you. It’s just not gonna happen, Mr. May-15th-at-whatever-time.
We’re not time travelers, and we’re not mind readers, either. So make sure you let us know when and where you need to be picked up, and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs.
4. Flight details, please!
In addition to providing the time and date, don't forget to share the flight departure and arrival times––and that includes both legs of your journey if it's a round trip!
Sure, we could check the flight info on the current date, but three months from now, the flight info might not have the same departure or arrival time. Flight schedules, like a lover’s mood, change constantly.
And although we’re really damn good at what we do… we’re definitely not psychic (although, wouldn’t that be great?!).
So, help us help you by giving us all the details we need before your trip.
5. The tipping game
Nobody likes to talk about money, but, sometimes, we just need to do it. Specifically, tipping your driver.
Where we’re from, the standard gratuity for airport drivers is 20%. This isn't open for debate, and this isn’t a “Maybe I’ll just tip…” situation.
Your driver isn’t waking up at 2 AM because they enjoy it, or because they think it’s healthy, and they definitely don’t hop in the car thinking about how exciting it’ll be to hit traffic for hours on end––horns blaring, sun through the windshield, backside aching.
If you’re one of those people who think tipping is overrated… by all means, drive yourself and pay for parking.
But if you appreciate the feeling of a job well done, show them some love with a generous tip.
6. The airline-induced delay
Flight delays are the bane of every traveler's existence. Now, imagine you’re your driver, waking up at the crack of dawn and hitting the road… only to realize the flight isn’t due for another four hours.Ugh.
If your flight is delayed for over an hour, please show us some courtesy and let us know. We might need to call in for backup if your driver’s schedule doesn’t adjust to the unexpected delay––but we promise we’ll be there to pick you up.
If your flight is delayed for over an hour, please show us some courtesy and let us know. We might need to call in for backup if your driver’s schedule doesn’t adjust to the unexpected delay––but we promise we’ll be there to pick you up.
Plus, you’re better off taking out your frustrations somewhere else––like at the bar, or the gym, or while you’re watching the game.
Schedules change, the weather turns, and things don’t always go according to plan. But just remember to keep calm; good things come to those who wait.
7. Rude and arrogant? Take a hike.
If you have a penchant for being rude and arrogant, the most polite way to say this is: take a hike. 
No, really. Or, better yet, just hitchhike for all we care.
There’s nothing worse than having to deal with a rude or entitled customer who thinks we’re only in this business for them. Life’s way too short to be spent waiting on jerks––so check your ego at the gate, and let’s hope the airline loses it.
A little kindness and humility can go a lot further than any jet plane ever will.
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