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A Car Service From Logan Airport
Save Yourself Money, Time, And Stress – Ride In Style In The Back Seat Of A Cadillac or Mercedes-Benz, and Don’t Look Back!
Everyone loves to travel. You, me, and your cousin Larry.
But no one likes to overpay. No one likes to sit in traffic, orspend the better part of your day on detour. No one likes missing flights, or rushing through airport security trying to catch a plane.
That’s why Rachel’s Transportation exists. We help people book a ride from Logan Airport to Newport or Providence… And simply enjoy the ride.
But just in case you’re not entirely convinced a car service is the best method of transportation from Boston to Providence, here’s 5 solid reasons you might want to look into it…
#1 Rental Cars Now Cost More Than A Solid Gold Steinway
It’s no secret: there’s a car shortage in this country. Logan Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world with close to 11 million passengers every year.
That means rental cars are in HIGH demand. And when demand goes up, so does the price! In fact, you’ll probably be paying almost as much for your car as a hotel room these days.
Not a good idea!
#2 Tunnel Closures & Downtown Boston Detours
Serious question: do you know EXACTLY where you are going in downtown Boston without a GPS? Because the reality is, Boston is so crowded and the streets are so close together, GPS won’t do you much good when you’re navigating its streets.
Not to mention, the constant tunnel closures due to construction. If you’re not careful, you’ll be shunted from one detour to the next for the better part of your stay in New England.
#3 The Best Of The Best Chauffeurs
Shortcuts. If you don’t know them, don’t expect to learn in the next few days, weeks, or hours before you arrive at Logan Airport.
Our experienced, highly-professional licensed chauffeurs are EXPERTS at navigating the congested traffic and confusing streets of Boston and Rhode Island – using the fastest ways (for the time of day!) to get you to your destination easily, effortlessly, and quickly!
#4 The Uber Price Surge
You’ve never wanted to sit in the back of someone’s car, in the exact same spot where a drunk person vomited a few nights ago – so why start now? Sure, Uber drivers do clean their cars, and there are “upscale” options, but all of that costs more.
Lately, Uber costs the same as what you’d pay for a rental car – so our suggestion is just to RUN the other way when you see that little “U” in the window of the car.
#5 Simple Comforts & Peace of Mind
When you hire a car service, you get to enjoy simple luxuries and peace of mind from the very start. We can help accommodate up to 11 passengers with our fleet of Cadillac or Mercedes-Benz vehicles!
You and your family, co-workers, or friends get to enjoy the convenience while sitting comfortably together – protected from the noise and stress of the flow of traffic around you.
Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, the freedom to relax is a luxury that’s worth every cent. Don’t sacrifice your peace of mind or comfort cheaply!
Looking for Transportation
from Boston to Providence?
Has this article finally convinced Cousin Larry he doesn’t want to rent a moped to get from downtown Boston to Providence? Well, good, we’re happy. He’ll be much happier when he’s sitting in the back of the Cadillac, trust us!
Luckily, it’s EASY to book a ride from Logan Airport to Newport or Providence with Rachel’s Transportation today! Simply call us at:(401) 219-9187
Don’t want to call? Then shoot me a text at the same number so I can get you a quote!
Quick, easy, and convenient – that’s how we do it at Rachel’s.