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The Pros and Cons of This Providence to Logan Airport Car Service
Imagine this: you’re running out the door with 2 suitcases, a backpack slung around your neck, and dreams of the beach swimming through your head.
It’s been an entire year since you’ve traveled, and after getting your second Covid vaccine, you’ve finally booked a flight to your favorite tropical resort for some much-needed R&R…
As you wait on the curb, you look at the time. Shouldn’t your driver be here by now? You’re going to be late! You whip out your phone and look at your ridesharing app.
Wait a second, you think with a sudden plunging feeling, they’ve cancelled your ride!
It’s 3:30 in the morning and there aren’t any other drivers in your area, so you run to Providence Station, jump on the Acela 2154 towards Boston, catch the Orange Line to the Blue Line, rush through the airport in a complete panic, and run up to the check in counter just as they are about to close boarding.
...Then, when you're finally sitting on the airplane, you realize you forgot your toothbrush!
There Are Many Ways To Get To The Airport…

But All Of Them Are NOT Equal!

It's times like these you might consider different ways of getting to the airport. Easier, more convenient methods of transportation that don't involve driving yourself (and paying heavy parking fees), taking public transit, or relying on rideshare apps to get you there.
If those sound like familiar problems, then this blog was written for you. We’ll review the pros and cons of each method of travel, and help you make the best choice for you.

Option #1: Public Transit

By far the least expensive option, public transportation is perfect for the budget-conscious traveler who doesn’t mind a little (or a LOT) of inconvenience.
You’ll have to memorize the schedule and your route, carry your bags with you for hours, walk quite a bit, and stand around waiting for your next ride to Boston Airport – not to mention interacting with “interesting people” on the T.
Physically Demanding

Option #2: Rideshare App

Taking a rideshare car to Logan Airport is the “laissez faire” way to arrange transportation from Providence to Boston.
Why? These services are, in a word: unreliable. When riding in someone else’s personal car, you should allow for plenty of extra time in your schedule to account for the driving style of your driver. And one of the most annoying things about these apps is they allow the driver to cancel on you at any time, making them untrustworthy at best.
And even if things do work out perfectly, you’ll still be uncomfortable in the back seat of someone else’s car. On the bright side, it’s more convenient than public transit!
More Convenient
Than Public Transit
Low Value for Cost

Option #3: Driving Yourself to Logan Airport

When it comes to driving yourself, you already know what you’re in for. Heavy traffic on the way there and back, as well as plenty of walking from the parking lot into the airport – not to mention the hefty overnight parking fees.
No surprises here.
Exorbitant Parking Fees
Walking With Luggage
from Parking Lot


Option #4: Rachel’s Big City Transportation

Finally, you have the option to hire a premium car service from Logan Airport (like Rachel’s Big City Transportation).
With our Providence to Logan Airport car service, you’ll be comfortably seated in Mercedes-Benz vehicles, and you can place your absolute faith and trust in our drivers to arrive on time both to your home and the airport – we guarantee it!
You’ll travel in comfort and style, with absolute peace of mind knowing you’ll arrive in plenty of time for your flight. It’s the perfect way to start your next big vacation – stress-free!
Comfortable Mercedes-Benzes
Seats Up to 11 Passengers
Choice Between Crossover, Minivan & Van
Convenient & Ultra-Reliable
Help with Baggage
An Affordable Investment In
Comfort & Peace of Mind


Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a car service or taxi to Logan Airport that’s luxurious, comfortable, convenient and reliable to the extreme, you’ll be glad you found this page!
With Rachel’s Big City Transportation, you can avoid the painful aggravation of driving yourself, taking buses and trains, sitting in uncomfortable back seats, or paying robust overnight parking fees at the airport.
When all is said and done, the real question is not whether Rachel’s Transportation is worth it – the question is whether your sanity and convenience are worth it. And the answer to that… Is up to you.